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Once your mare has been ultrasounded and confirmed in foal by an equine vet to rule out twinning issue etc, there is nothing like having peace of mind and being able to monitor her throughout her pregnancy without invasive diagnostics.  It is wonderful to have the assurance that at any time of the day convenient to you, you can perform a simple, quick test to see if she is still in foal.  An invaluable tool for those involved with broodmare management and one that every responsible breeder should have at their disposal!  We have personally used the WeeFoal with 100% accuracy from 100 days right up until foaling date i.e. 345 days.

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A revolutionary diagnostic product developed for those involved the field of equine reproduction - from breeders to vets


A urine-based, compact test kit which will tell you in 5 -10 minutes whether your mare is in foal or not and you can test as often as you like for peace of mind.

WeeFoal™ offers a very easy, rapid and accurate test for ascertaining the presence of a foal from 110 days after breeding through to 300+ days of gestation.

Using lateral flow technology to analyze a small sample of maternal urine for the presence of pregnancy-specific steroids secreted by the developing foetal-placental unit, the test kit thereby speedily aids the diagnosis of pregnancy status.

Unlike other tests currently in the marketplace, in the event of foetal loss, production of the steroid decreases rapidly to non-pregnant levels thereby never giving a ‘false positive’ result.

WeeFoal™ urine test can be used to diagnose and monitor pregnancy status in all breeds of horses, where palpation per rectum or internal ultrasound scanning is not an option, as in the miniature horse or smaller mares.

Successfully used by breeders and vets in Europe, USA, Australia & New Zealand and now available in South Africa.



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