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Leopard Rock Queen of Hearts (AHBSSA)

15.3hh black true leopard F4 Appaloosa.  Sire: Toby’s Bonanza - chestnut leopard.  Dam:  Maluti Toby’s Aphrodite - black roan leopard.  Triple bred Doll’s Toby (ApHC USA).  “Queen’’ was Champion Appaloosa mare in 1998 at her first show ever.  She also placed in top 4 out of 14 and 15 entries in two All Breed Hunter and Hack classes in Horse of The Year that same year.  The first time an Appaloosa had shown against the other breeds [and done so well to boot].  Lovely elastic movement, huge scopey jump and very correctly proportioned.  She is probably the most photographed Appaloosa in South Africa and has appeared on the cover of various publications and in calendars as, apart from being a very pretty mare with lovely conformation and presence,  she has a unique coat pattern - long, stripy black spots by the hundred over her entire body. 3 photos taken at  12 years of age.   HQ cover taken at 6 years of age.  In July 2012 we had to say goodbye to our Queen.  RIP Queenie.

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Wap’s Mamma Mia (ApHC USA)

16.2hh dun snowcap blanket homozygous F4 Appaloosa.  Sire:  Waps PilatusHH [by Wap’s Spot 2] - 16.1hh dun spotted blanket.  Dam:  Wap ‘N’ Jazz [by Wap’s Spot 2] 16.2hh dun snowcap.   Pilatus is an extremely big boned and well put together young stallion who has produced some notable offspring in his short career, and Jazz is a large and roomy mare with very good uphill movement.  “Mia” is triple bred Wap’s Spot 2 and once Reflection.  She was purchased by ourselves at just over four months old and imported into SA at the age of 7 months. She is a very well built (like the proverbial tank!) and athletic mare with lovely paces and excellent propulsion from her hind end.  She has dressage-type conformation and movement. Mia exudes presence and solidity.  Top photos taken on arrival at Leopard Rock at 10 months straight out of quarantine (where she had severe Travel Sickness), middle photos at 14 months, portrait at 2 yrs old and  2nd to end at 3.5yrs old.  Last photo taken the evening before foaling.  She produced her first filly November 2009, and her first colt October 2011, who are both sold.  Mia produced a grulla filly by Many Moons on 30 November 2013 also sold;  and a dun spotted blanket colt in the true JG Wap tradition, on 30 November 2015. He is for sale.    Pedigree.

Michele’s Reflection (ApHC USA)  SOLD

16.3hh by 3 years old, and stick measured 17hh at 5 years of age, and now 17.1hh. The biggest Wap mare in the world.  Bay large spotted blanket F4 Appaloosa - full sister to Mamma Mia.  “Lexy” (named after her grandsire Wap’s Reflection of whom she is a carbon copy) was purchased at 3 hours old and imported into SA at 7 months old.  Lexy is extremely impressive, she has huge forearms and hocks, a very broad chest and large, muscled hindquarter.  Lexy has dressage conformation and her movement shows the natural cadence, reach, elevation and suspension necessary to compete at the higher levels.  Moves beautifully from behind with an easy, flowing trot and canter.  Very sweet natured like her grandsire Reflection, and enjoys being worked with.  Bottom centre photo - Winter June 2009.  3rd row photos - Summer 2008 at 17 mos, final photo at 4yrs old.   Lexy produced an awesome dun colt by Many Moons on 18 December 2013.    Pedigree.


Dark grulla  / black large spotted blanket F4 Appaloosa.  Sire:  Waps Rolls Royce 16.2hh grulla large spotted blanket, rated a 10+ Hunter mover.  Dam:  Waps Masquerade 16.hh+ black true fewspot mare,  winner on the line.  Double bred to Wap’s Spot 2 ; quadruple bred Wapiti in the 4th & 5th generations.  We purchased her as a yearling and imported her into SA shortly thereafter.  Diana, a very well built, showy and athletic filly with uphill dressage movement, ranks amongst the top horses produced by JG Appaloosa Sport Horses.   She has excelled in the two All Breed shows she was entered in, placing ‘First’ and ‘Champion’ at Horse of the Year and Autumn Gold Cup respectively against older horses - the 2 biggest annual shows in South Africa - where she received high praise from the international judges and competitors alike.   Diana produced a spectacularly classy, elegant black / grulla filly by Many Moons on 24 October 2012—Rolls’ first grandget ever, and a grullo snowcap blanket filly on 03/11/18 who is for sale. Pedigree  

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Michele's Reflection Winter 2009

Above 3 photos Lexy courtesy Lori A Bertothy

Weanling & yearling photos Diana courtesy JG Appaloosas & Georgeanne Yoder

Derrier outside Diana's stall

Darrier Roux of  BBR outside the stall carrying Diana.

Diana led to float

Diana exiting the air travel stall after 17 hrs of confinement

Diana led to float

Being led to the float to take her to quarantine


Visiting Diana at quarantine

Diana arrival at homeDiana arrival Leopard RockDiana at homeDiana & Lexy meet

Diana meets Lexy for the 1st time

On arrival at her new home at Leopard Rock Stud,  Winter 2009.  15 months old.

leopard rock logoMia 7hrs before foaling

05 November 2009 - 7 hours prior to foaling


Diana at 18 months old on a scorching, muggy, 34C late spring day


We agree Ginnie, she looks just like her uncle Lennie!

Diana saying hi to her best friend Lexy

Waps Millennium

Wap’s Millennium

Mia canter

Early Spring 2009

Winter 2009 as a yearling

Mia canter rhsDiana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010Diana 1st place Yearling Colts & Fillies Horse of the Year 2010

Diana at her 1st show, the 2010 Horse of the Year Show, where she won the ALL BREEDS Colts & Fillies Yearling Class in a class of 9 entries ranging from Warmbloods to Welshes.  International judge Bridget Millington from the UK was extremely impressed with Diana and said she was an outstanding horse.  She thought she was rising 3, instead of just 22 months old.  Competitors in another judging class commented how beautiful she is whilst they were mid-showing.  Like her two cousins, Mia and Lexy, she’s a crowd-stopper!

As a yearling late Winter 2006

Rising 1 year

Once again, Diana excelled in General Breed Classes where she won CHAMPION ALL BREED 1 - 3 year old fillies & mares at the Autumn Gold Cup at Eaton Farm in Blue Hills, Kyalami, on 22 March 2010,  against mares older than herself, including the current HOY  Supreme Champion Irish Sport Horse mare.  AGC is organized by the Welsh Pony Society and is almost exclusively a Welsh showcase.  In most classes the Welshies won and were placed highly.  In the Supremes, Diana was up against two much older, seasoned champion show mares both already under saddle who went on to win the Supremes,  and the UK judge felt Diana would hold her own against any horse when she is mature.  This was Diana’s 2nd show.

Diana AGC 2010Diana AGC 2010LR Queen of Hearts HQ cover

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Diana 2011LR Queen of Hearts foal

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Winter 2010

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