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The Founding Sire Of The Entire "Wap" Dynasty

1972 Stallion            16 hands            86% color production

ApHC # 162978           

Multi National and World Champion Sire

Countless Year End Championships in Conformation & Performance

ApHC & USDF Medallion Sire 


Unfortunately, these are the only surviving photos of Wap's Spot 2 from the 70's and 80's.  These did not do him justice.  You can get a good idea of the amount of bone he had and how very correct his conformation was.

Wap's Spot 2 was purchased as a yearling colt.  He was shown extensively on the ApHC circuit and competed on the open hunter circuit.  At the ApHC shows he earned many high point year end awards in conformation as well as performance.  He was very versatile under saddle, incredibly athletic, and was shown in both English and Western on the Appaloosa Circuit.  He qualified for the World in many divisions for several years. 

At the hunter shows, he opened the eyes of very conservative competitors, as well as the judges, to the wonderful, talented Appaloosa.  Stallions were seldom seen at hunter shows in those days, especially stallions with spots...  His manners and talent under saddle were impeccable, consequently, he acquired an enormous fan club.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, Wap's Spot 2 was the only Appaloosa showing against large classes containing mostly Thoroughbreds.  His quiet, flawless rounds over fences, natural carriage, and free, relaxed movement were appreciated and rewarded by the judges.  In many ways, Wap's Spot 2 "broke the ice" for Appaloosas to follow in rated competition, his obvious talent overshadowing the strong prejudices against colored horses at the time.  

Most important was Wap's Spot 2's prepotency as a sire.  He consistently produced tall, quiet, intelligent off-spring with his natural balance, flowing gaits, talent over fences, free elastic shoulders, automatic lead changes, and a large desire to please.  

His offspring quickly became popular, and a common sight on the AHSA rated circuit.  We recall, with a smile, two "railbirds" at an AHSA hunter breeding competition who were looking into a ring with many Wap-Paloosa horses in the class.  One person commented to the other, "I didn't know this was an Appaloosa show!"

Wap's Spot 2 has earned his renown as a sire the hard way.  His offspring are very easy, quiet, and rideable.   Therefore, they are sought after by the top trainers for their junior and amateur clients in the hunter and sport horse industry.   They have rarely competed in Appaloosa only competition.  Their show records and impressive accomplishments have been typically earned competing against the predominantly Thoroughbred and Warmblood horses in open rated competition.  These types of show records were not recognized or recorded by his breed association until very recent years.  Many of the outside mares bred to him have been non-Appaloosa mares; the resulting foals destined for AHSA and USDF competition.  These mare owners often have no need, or do not qualify to register the resulting foals with the ApHC.  If you were to search within the data banks of the ApHC, you would find very little recorded relating to our unique horses.  In spite of this relative "invisibility" with his breed, Wap's Spot 2 fame as a sire of champions, competing and winning at national levels against top flight horses of all breeds, has continued to spread the world over…  Pedigree.

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waps spot standwaps spot headwaps spot jumpText Box: Wap’s Spot 2 (ApHC)
Text Box: Wap’s Reflection (ApHC)

1985 Stallion          16.1 1/2 hands

ApHC & FPD # 423,433       

USDF All Breed Champion                 AHSA - Winner Over Fences             ApSHA Dressage Champion 

1991 Highest Scoring American-Bred horse of ANY breed at his level - Bengt Lundquist Finals 1991

ApHC Dressage Champion - 1991 Highest scoring Appaloosa in USDF competition 

Sire of more than 50 AHSA & USDF Winners   *  76% Color Production out of predominantly solid mares   *   EVERY foal is bay or black! 

reflection stand show rhsreflection dressage frontreflection jumpreflection dressage rhsreflection head

Wap's Reflection - is very laid back, kindly and sweet.  His nickname "Nuggie Pooh" says it all.  Small children can ride him.  Gretchen Verbonic USDF "I" judge and International rider, called him a "workaholic".  He loves to work and always tries his best.  Most people think he is a Warmblood cross because of his impressive gaits, size and bone, measuring a whopping 10" around the cannon, but Wap's Reflection is ALL Appaloosa.  No out crossing.  He is wonderful to ride cross country, in the hunt field, as well as in the ring.  As he passes this personality on to all his foals, he is definitely the one to breed to if temperament is a priority.  

Reflection's dam, Rasmussen's Candy, is a big, 16.2hh Appaloosa mare with plenty of bone and substance. The first time we saw her was in the mid 70s at a hunter show in Virginia. She was one of very few Appaloosas that could compete successfully with the Thoroughbreds back then. We kept track of her and finally in 1984 we were able to purchase her and breed her to Wap's Spot 2. Reflection was the result.

Wap's Reflection was shown successfully in the hunters before he started his dressage career. He qualified for the Field Hunter division at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show where he placed third over fences in a huge class, ridden by a novice 16 year old girl. Wap's Reflection also was chosen to represent the Plum Run Hunt during Hunt Night at the Penn National and Washington International Horse Show.

His first year of showing dressage, ridden by Cathy Echternach, he was United States Dressage Federation All Breed Champion for first level. The next year he was showing third level and schooling fourth when he injured his back while breeding an uncooperative mare. After recovering from his sore back, Reflection was headed back to the show ring with Gretchen Verbonic. Unfortunately, Applause contracted botulism at that precise time. Reflection had to remain home that year and stand at stud to help pay Applause's hospital bills, which resembled the nation debt.

Reflection produces a lot of size, bone and substance in his off-spring, with several reaching 17 hands. They inherit his balanced, easy way of going, talent over fences, and his puppy dog attitude.

"Nugget" was also our kindly "Ambassador on the Road", and appeared every year at the World Horse Expo in Timonium, Maryland and the Equine Affaire at Columbus, Ohio and Springfield, Massachusetts.  Pedigree.

The above stallions were legends in their own time and their legacy lives on in South Africa through Wap’s Mamma Mia, Michele’s Reflection, JG Diana and JG Legacy —four  exceptional horses line bed to these stallions—and their offspring, who possess all the traits of their venerable forebears.

photos above of ‘Reflection’ by Susan Sexton Photography

Text Box: The Stallions below are owned by JG Appaloosa Sport Horses, Pa, USA
[Mamma Mia and Lexy are triple bred  Wap’s Spot 2 and once  Reflection.  Diana is double bred  Wap’s Spot 2.  Legacy is quadruple bred Wap’s Spot 2 and once Reflection]
leopard rock logoReflection lying down

Above photo courtesy Lori Bertothy 

ReflectionText Box: Wap’s Rolls Royce (ApHC)

2000—2014 Stallion 16.2 hands

Sire : Wap's Spot 2 - founding sire of the Wap line of Sport Horses

Dam : Sweet Colin (Fergie) 16.2 h dark bay TB, Champion hunter producer

Full brother to: I'm a Wap 2, Waps Rip Wrap, & Waps Finesse

Rare dark grulla

"Rolls" is a 10+ hunter mover

Wap's Rolls RoyceRolls' headNew friendsRolls 2/12yrsRolls & Millennium WINNERS of Get of Sire!Rolls @ homeRolls with Katie LyonsWap's Reflection by Bob LangrishRolls on Show

Photos and text by kind permission of JG Appaloosa Sport Horses

Text Box: JG Legacy (ApHC)

By Wap’s Millennium and out of Wap’s Confetti, both multiple Champions.  Half brother to Wap Spot and Wap’s Infinity through their mutual dam Confetti, both stallions standing at JG Appaloosas.  Wap’s Reflection is his great grandsire.  Bred by JG Appaloosas, Pa, USA and imported at 16 months.  Sensational red dun near-leopard.  16.1hh, with lots of natural muscle and bone, wide sprung ribs and luxurious mane and tail.   He has fabulous uphill movement in all three paces like his half brother Wap Spot - he shows very good extension, cadence, elevation and suspension which is becoming even more evident as he matures.  He is well built with large hocks, powerful hindquarters and a stunning topline.  Beautiful sculpted head and a naturally arched neck with a perfect length of rein.  His dam Confetti has tremendous movement herself as does his sire.  Legacy is an extremely handsome young stallion who is maturing very nicely, he is becoming a leopard and has massive spots (the size of the palm of ones hand over his body with striped spots extending throughout his mane.  He has a very people-friendly temperament.  A character to work with, described as ‘personality plus’, responsive and intelligent with loads of stallion presence and class.   He is the perfect cross for top competitive Thoroughbred and Warmblood mares as he is quadruple bred Wap’s Spot 2 and will certainly pass on the size, conformation and colour and be able to perpetuate the authentic ‘JG-Wap’ look through his offspring, whatever breed he is cross bred to.  Legacy’s sire, the inimitable Wap’s Millennium, passed away in July ‘14.  JG  Legacy is to the best of our knowledge his only son standing at stud.  Legacy is also the only offspring ever from the Wap’s Millennium / Wap’s Confetti cross and is genetically irreplaceable.   FPD 87%.   Pedigree.  

Millennium is the sire of JG Legacy.  RIP Millennium July 2014.  Pedigree.

Text Box: Wap’s Millennium (ApHC)

Rolls Royce & Millennium on show - winners in Get of Sire Class

JG's LegacyJG's Legacy 4 weeks oldJG's LegacyJG's LegacyJG's LegacyWap's MilleniumWap's Millenium show 2004Wap's Millenium headJG's Legacy yearling

Wap’s Rolls Royce has proved his worth time and again as he is an amazingly prepotent sire and has produced exceptional offspring and is therefore in great demand.  He is the most like Wap’s Spot 2 according to Virginia Hood, his breeder and owner.  He won ‘Get of Sire’ again in 2010 at the Maryland State Fair.  Rolls is the sire of one of our mares— JG Diana and is the grandsire of LR Ilha Da Vitoria - his first born grand child.  Pedigree.

2000 Stallion            16.2 hands 

Sire : Wap's Spot 2   - founding sire of the Wap line of Sport Horses             

Dam : Waps Malaika (black & white daughter of Wap's Reflection) 

1st and Reserve Jr. Grand Champion - Maryland State Fair

2003 Maryland State Fair - Waps Millennium, Waps Rolls Royce, and Waps Finesse WON the Get of Sire Class for Wap's Spot 2

Rare dark grulla

"Lennie" is a big bodied, big boned, tremendous moving son of the immortal Wap's Spot 2

The inimitable Wap's Spot 2Legacy airport

On arrival at quarantine after 4 days in transit - aged 17 months

4 weeks old

Legacy enter truckLegacy quarantineLegacy quarantine

Visiting him at the quarantine station in Johannesburg

Boarding the float to quarantine

Legacy as a yearling

Foal photos courtesy JG Appaloosas

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Pila lungeText Box: Wap’s PilatusHH (ApHC)

2002 Stallion            16.1 hands 

Sire : Wap's Spot 2   - founding sire of the Wap line of Sport Horses             

Dam : Waps Upon A Time (by Wap’s Reflection)

Bay Dun Spotted Blanket

‘Pila’ is an immense, well- proportioned last son of Wap’s Spot 2, and has produced some outstanding foals.  Owned by Lori Bertothy of HeronHaven Appaloosa Sporthorses.

Pila baby

Wap’s Pilatus with his dam Wap’s Upon A Time 

RHS: More recently in work.  Pedigree

Rolls 2010Rolls 2010Rolls 2010Rolls l2010

Last  4 photos Rolls 2010 courtesy Cindy Harris.

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JG LegacyJG Legacy 3yrs old

3 years old

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