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FOAL - 2011 - SOLD

Sire:  Maluti Toby’s Many Moons [AHBSSA].  Dam:  Wap’s Mamma Mia [USA - ApHC].

This spectacular colt was produced from the legendary dynasty of Waps Spot 2 and Waps Reflection of JG Appaloosa Sport Horses, Pa, USA.  His pedigree as far as Appaloosa Sport Horses goes is unmatchable.

Born 13th/10 at 22h00 during full moon.  Dark grullo snowcap.  Will probably go dark and looks to be homozygous for black.  1/2 moon. White sclera, particoloured skin, striped hooves.  42.5cm / 16.7” from centre of knee to coronet.  Exquisite fine head with lovely expression and naturally arched neck.  This colt is going to be BIG, estimated around the 17hh mark.  He is, like his full sister Virginia, a great combination of two exceptional horses.  He has the correct conformation and very solid bone, loads of presence from birth and striking colour not to mention class - all in all the perfect sport horse.  He is built pretty uphill, and is showing amazing extension as young as he is.  Very athletic, does flying changes naturally, and from a flat out gallop can stop immediately on his hocks.   He’s a great dressage prospect and will event for sure - he has all the attributes.  We don’t actively market our youngsters as jumpers because, while they will jump the moon, we would if possible like them to extend themselves in the competitive world of dressage where they can show the true potential of their breeding and conformation.

As with his sister, halter training and handling have been a breeze, he has a really lovely, interactive personality.   He’ll leave his dam and play with whomever will put up with his ebullience.

With his superb qualities he will also make an outstanding sire, and he is homozygous for Appaloosa characteristics.  If he is bred to non-Appaloosas, he will produce 100% Appaloosa characteristics every time.  Without doubt, he has the makings of a supreme Appaloosa Sport Horse stallion, with no compare. 

Like Virginia, he is a true work of art, one of those rare horses which combine all the desirable and coveted aesthetic and athletic features one could seek - he is a true “Wap” for sure - the second real  Wap horse to be born in South Africa!   And of course, we couldn’t have a Virginia without a Jerry, so that is his ’barn’ name.   Pedigree  


LR Victory Moon 2 1/2 days oldLR Victory MoonLR Victory Moon LR Victory Moon LR Victory Moon 2 1/2 days oldLR Victory MoonLR Victory Moon LR Victory Moon 2 1/2 days oldLR Victory MoonLR Victory Moon

2 1/2 days old

5 days old

7 days old

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LR Victory MoonLR Victory MoonLR Victory Moon

10 days old

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LR Victory Moon

6 months

LR Victory MoonLR Victory MoonLR Victory MoonLR Victory MoonLR Victory MoonLR Victory Moon

Diana, Lexy & Victory Moon ~ 3 triple bred Wap’s Spot 2 descendents

On Mia’s page, there is the almost exact same photo of her

Like mother, like son

He is going to be the most comfortable and smooth ride

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LR Victory Moon

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