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 The following information is to dispel certain misconceptions about the illustrious “Wap” name :

Wap’s Spot 2 was the founding stallion of the Wap line and owned by the inimitable JG Appaloosa Sport Horses of Pa, USA.  He and his son, Wap’s Reflection, are the Top Producing Appaloosa Sport Horses stallions of all time. 

There is some misunderstanding about a stallion called Wap spotted which was not owned or bred by JG Appaloosas.   The story of Wap spotted goes thus:  JG was given a 14.3hh mare [called Shalako Summer - see photo below] as part payment of a debt.  She was sold to an employee of JG Appaloosas at the time.  She bred the mare to Wap’s Spot 2 and the resulting foal was Wap spotted.  The only link between the line bred “Waps’’ which JG Appaloosas have been producing for over 40 years and Wap spotted - is he was one numerous foals sired by their stallion.  JG did not breed Wap spotted and they did not own him.   It was also incorrectly claimed that this horse was ‘the founding stallion of the ApSHA’.  He happened to be the first horse registered, not ‘the founding stallion’ of any organisation.  [The entries were processed in the order in which they were received and numbered accordingly.]  To further clarify, Leopard Rock Stud do not have, never have owned, and never will own, any offspring by Wap spotted or horses with him in their pedigree.

There is far more to a sport horse than simply the name and slick advertising…  Check for yourself!  Visit to read their clarification and see the unequalled quality they have been producing for over four decades.

Mares are of the utmost importance in the breeding programmes of both JG Appaloosa Sport Horses and Leopard Rock Sport Horse Appaloosas.  Some breeders concentrate almost exclusively on the stallion line and do not understand that the mare line is of equal, possibly more, importance.  Both the sire line and the dam line of the dam obviously play a huge part in future generations.  Strong mare lines are vital in breeding quality horses.  Purchasers should always check the pedigrees top and bottom - and investigate the dam lines thoroughly.  Only then will you see what type of horse you are really purchasing and what you can expect your foal to mature into.  If you are a breeder, you will see what might pop up in the foals you breed.  Genetics can often  skip a generation or three - very often resulting in something not particularly desirable hidden in the pedigree...  

One of the claims made in Wap spotted’s adverts was that he could ‘improve’ mares of low quality.  Most average stallions could improve substandard mares!  However, this is not a breeding ‘principle’ which we subscribe to as the offspring of sub-standard horses will never be able to create quality themselves and are guilty of creating a plethora of fuglies instead.  One should strive for perfection in every foal one breeds and the only way to achieve this is to breed with horses which are of superior conformation and ability throughout the entire pedigree, not unknown breeding and dubious quality.   Equally importantly, ‘quantity’ has never equated to ‘quality’.  So boasts of how many foals a stallion has sired in no way impress educated horse people.

If one considers the extremely low percentage of the Wap’s Spot 2 bloodline which the majority of the horses claiming the ‘Wap’ title have, one would understand that these horses are really no more “Wap” than any other of the dozens of other horses which appear in their pedigrees.  To explain:  theoretically, at most the first cross from Wap’s Spot 2 to a non-Wap’s Spot 2-linebred mare creates a horse that is <50% Wap’s Spot 2.  The 2nd generation will be <25% and the 3rd generation will be <12.5%.  By the 4th generation this has lowered to 3.125%!!!  This and further outcrossing (which accounts for the majority of these so-called ‘Wap’ horses), lowers that percentage to such a negligible amount that it becomes a non-issue in their pedigrees.  However, due to the universal fame which the “Waps” of JG Appaloosas have attained, many have included the ‘Wap’ prefix in their horses’ names, however distant and slight (or non-existent due to non-inheritance of genes) the connection might be.

Before this stage is even reached, these horses have lost the ability to perpetuate the phenotype and genotype which would make them a distinctively ‘Wap’ horse.

Shalako Summer — the 14.3hh dam of Wap spotted

shalako summer dam of wap spotted

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