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A tribute to the dedication and vision of Virginia and Jerry Hood:

...a legend in their own time….

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An excerpt from the homepage :

We have been successfully breeding and showing appaloosas in open competition, dominated by Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods, since the mid 1960's. Our "Waps" became a force to be reckoned with in the sport horse industry over 25 years ago.


We have bred and raised National and/or World Champions in AHSA (USA Equestrian), USDF, and ApHC competition.

Our "Waps" have WON their classes and/or divisions at the Washington International, Pennsylvania National, Upperville, Devon, Warrenton, Capital Challenge, Cosequin Invitational, etc... as well as several Hunter Futurities. Our Stallions have won the Get of Sire class at the Maryland State Fair 15 times! They have NEVER been beaten in Get of Sire by another Appaloosa. Our "Waps" have earned the recognition and respect of judges, trainers, and breeders nationwide as well as in competition abroad.   Others have followed in our hoof prints...and are now reaping the rewards.


Wap's Spot 2 and his son, Wap's Reflection have done more to influence the breeding and showing of Appaloosa Sport Horses in recognized AHSA and USDF competition then any other Appaloosa stallion.   Wap's Spot 2 began showing in open hunter competition in 1975. His offspring were and are winning on the line, under saddle, and over fences from the late 70's to the present. Wap's Reflection began competing in 1985.


Other stallions have tried to take credit for founding this line of sport horses. Don't be fooled, check the dates for yourself. They weren't even born yet, much less siring offspring…


Compare production records, show records, temperament, conformation, size, and ability....all the reasons why JG stallions remain: THE TOP PRODUCING APPALOOSA SPORT HORSE SIRES IN THE WORLD!!!!


An excerpt from ‘Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar:  “Virginia Hood, who owns JG Appaloosas, has bred Appaloosas with great success and today produces Appys for hunter/jumper and dressage competitions. Virginia owned Wap’s Spot 2, the founding sire of the Wap dynasty who, as well as being the top producing Appaloosa sport horse sire in the world, was also an ApHC and USDF Medallion Sire and Multi National World Champion Sire. Wap’s Spot 2 produced AHSA Reserve Champion Horse of the Year Scandal, who won classes at Devon, and Wap’s Reflection, who was USDF All Breed Champion and ApSHA Dressage Champion.


As an example of how trainable Appaloosas are, one of Virginia’s horses was ridden under saddle only three times before she entered him into a pleasure class at a show, which he went on to win. “Appaloosas are especially easy to train under saddle,” Virginia says of her success in the show ring. “You can teach them a lot in ten minutes. They don’t take a lot of riding, they don’t need to be lunged for half an hour before you ride them, you just get on and go.”


Another excerpt, this time from the Times, Tuesday, March 16, 2010:

“Horsin' Around: Remembering four local equestrian figures”  By Hope Holland, Times Equestrian Writer


“...Virginia Hood also left us. She lived in Maryland at the beginning of her career but moved just over the line into Pennsylvania. Her line of horses, all bred from her foundation stallion, Wap's Spot 2, set the standard for elegant, big-moving, great-minded polka-dotted sport horses.


Virginia and her husband, Jerry, created a line of Appaloosa horses that were unmatched for ability, presence and working talent. This is a quote from a news update on the Web site.  Take notice of where it is from. The truly unusual thing is that this is not unusual for JG Appaloosas, which has horses bred by them literally all over the equine world.


"JG Diana won the Colts & Fillies 1 - 2-year-old class at Horse of the Year [show] on 09 February 2010 held at Kyalami Equestrian Park, in Johannesburg, South Africa. There were nine entries in total, including Warmbloods, Arabs, Welsh, Andalusians, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse - all from the top studs in South Africa."


We owe Virginia a huge debt of gratitude for breeding and perfecting this inimitable line and for all the advice and information she has imparted to us. At Leopard Rock, we are striving to continue the legacy of JG Appaloosas through our young mares and colt who are all multiple-line bred to their now-deceased stallion, the legend that is  Wap’s Spot 2, and our exemplary stallion Maluti Toby’s Many Moons.

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JG Appaloosas are undeniably the foremost breeders of Appaloosa Sport Horses in the world. There is no other stud which can compare when it comes to their achievements. For the past 40+ years they have led the way in both breeding and showing Appaloosas which can and do successfully compete in the Olympic equine disciplines.


As a very knowledgeable and accomplished horsewoman, Virginia Hood had what was necessary to breed horses capable of competing at the highest levels: an ‘eye for a horse’ and very high standards. ‘One hit wonders’ and ‘flukes’ they are certainly not, as is attested to by the fact that they have produced over 200 winners in both ridden and in hand competition in fields usually dominated by the traditional sport horse types of Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods. It has been commented by an eminent European judge that their Appaloosas are of the superiority and type that is not found anywhere else when it comes to Appaloosa Sport Horses.


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