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Sire:  Maluti Toby’s Many Moons [AHBSSA].  Dam:  Wap’s Mamma Mia [USA - ApHC].

This exquisite purebred filly out of an imported dam  and by a  sport horse sire, was produced from the legendary dynasty of Wap’s Spot 2 and Wap’s Reflection of JG Appaloosa Sport Horses, Pa, USA.  Her pedigree is unmatchable.

Born 06th/11 at 00h45.  Dark grulla snowcap filly with some huge spots on shoulders and head, lightning flashes on all legs.  Big star. White sclera, particoloured skin, striped hooves.  42cm / 16.5” from centre of knee.  Exceptionally correct.  Beautiful, small, dished head and ears curved in at top and well-defined cheek bones.  Lovely neck with a natural arch to the poll, well defined throatlatch, good shoulder and well developed hindquarter.  Long, long, long legs - should make 16hh+ easily.  Very uphill and exquisitely proportioned.  Lots of “look at me presence’’ and a showy attitude from birth.  Judging by her superb movement and athleticism from day one, she has great potential as a top dressage horse and certainly as an eventer and shows great aptitude for jumping.  She has a natural cadence and elevation which is becoming more evident with age.  Very brave, independent, athletic and active.  Enjoys people contact and has the nicest temperament one could ask for.   Stands for the farrier, vaccinations, bathing, is very easy to work with and travels well. 

After her sport career she will make an outstanding broodmare due to her conformation, movement and the fact that she is homozygous for Appaloosa characteristics.  She is an unusual grulla colour with silver highlights throughout her coat.  If she is bred to a Warmblood or Thoroughbred she will produce 100% Appaloosa characteristics every time.

Virginia is a true work of art, one of those rare horses which combine all the desirable and coveted aesthetic and athletic features one could seek - she is a true “Wap” for sure - the first real  Wap horse to be born in South Africa!   Named after Virginia Hood of JG.  



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Our pledge to our clients

Our foals are not mass-produced, they are exclusive sport horses for the discerning rider. 

Having said that, they are bred to be both higher level competition horses as well as family members.  When you purchase a youngster from us, he or she will be well handled and socialised, i.e. they will be acclimatised to being bathed and groomed, and worked with on a daily basis.   A lot of attention is paid to their nutritional needs.  No effort is spared to ensure that our foals will reach their maximum potential and be well adjusted in order to lead happy, long, productive lives.   

All our horses are sold with a right of first refusal contract, and we also offer a home to any of our horses who for any reason cannot be kept anymore, or eventually retired, by their new owners.  We also offer after sales service in that we are always available for advice and assistance with regard to the welfare of our horses. 

The difference between a ‘horse breeder’ and a ‘horse farmer’ is that the former breeds a very limited number of excellent quality horses which can excel in higher level Open Competition and the All Breed arena, giving knowledgeable and informed thought to genetics, matches, suitability and, very importantly, market, whilst the latter annually pumps out foals which they do not look after properly, and which are of questionable quality, resulting in a glut of too many of the same type for which there is an ever-declining market.  Our motto has always been ‘Quality NEVER quantity’.

…When only the very best is good enough...

~ We breed for conformation, movement, temperament and  pedigree ~

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Ginny @ 4hrs old

Sunrise in Late Spring, at 4 hours old

Ginny 4 hrs oldGinny 3 days oldGinny 3 days oldGinny 3 days oldGinny 3 days oldGinny 3 days old

3 days old

Ginny 10 days oldGinny 10 days oldGinny 10 days old

10 days old

Ginny 18 days old

14 days old

Saying hallo to Lexy

Ginny canter rightGinny rightGinny hallo LexyVirginia 4wksVirginia 4wks

8 weeks old

Virginia 8wksVirginia 8wks

Absolute perfection!

Beautiful, big gentle eye

Virginia at 3 monthsVirginia at 3 months

Leopard Rock Virginia at 3 months old

LR Virginia & Waps Mamma Mia misty april morningVirginia & Waps Mamma Mia misty April morning2

Leopard Rock Virginia at 5 months and Wap’s Mamma Mia - misty April morning

LR Virginia

Leopard Rock Virginia at 6 months

LR VirginiaLR Virginia

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Leopard Rock Virginia at 15 months old.

VirginiaLR Virginia 20 mos.LR Virginia 20 mos.LR Virginia 20 mos.

Leopard Rock Virginia at 20 months old.

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LR Victory MoonLR Virginia 28 monthsLR Virginia 28 monthsLR Virginia 28 monthsLR Virginia 28 monthsLR Virginia 28 months

Leopard Rock Virginia at 27 months old.

Leopard Rock Virginia
Leopard Rock Virginia
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