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Our foals are not mass-produced, they are exclusive sport horses for the discerning rider. 

Having said that, they are bred to be both higher level competition horses as well as family members.  When you purchase a youngster from us, he or she will be well handled and socialised, i.e. they will be acclimatised to being bathed and groomed, and worked with on a daily basis.   A lot of attention is paid to their nutritional needs.  No effort is spared to ensure that our foals will reach their maximum potential and be well adjusted in order to lead happy, long, productive lives.   

All our horses are sold with a right of first refusal contract, and we also offer a home to any of our horses who for any reason cannot be kept anymore, or eventually retired, by their new owners.  We also offer after sales service in that we are always available for advice and assistance with regard to the welfare of our horses. 

The difference between a ‘horse breeder’ and a ‘horse farmer’ is that the former breeds a very limited number of excellent quality horses which can excel in higher level Open Competition and the All Breed arena, giving knowledgeable and informed thought to genetics, matches, suitability and, very importantly, market, whilst the latter annually pumps out foals which they do not look after properly, and which are of questionable quality, resulting in a glut of too many of the same type for which there is an ever-declining market.  Our motto has always been ‘Quality NEVER quantity’.

…When only the very best is good enough...

~ We breed for conformation, movement, temperament and  pedigree ~

Text Box: Leopard Rock Huracán

Introducing  our latest spectacular colt “Leopard Rock Huracán~ dressage / eventing / showjumping prospect supreme.  A dun spotted blanket colt in the true JG Wap tradition. See his album on our Facebook page.

Sire:  Maluti Toby’s Many Moons [AHBSSA].  Dam:  Wap’s Mamma Mia [USA - ApHC].

This colt is Mia and Many Moons’ fourth foal and second colt to date.  This elegant, striking, triple-bred Wap’s Spot 2 colt was produced from the legendary dynasty of
Waps Spot 2 and  Wap’s Reflection’s dam’s side on the bottom.  Combine that with the ability and conformation of his sire, and his pedigree, as far as Appaloosa Sport Horses goes,  is unmatchable.

Born 30 November 2015 {same day as his 2013 full sister}  @  03h40.  Dun spotted blanket with large spots, harkening to his maternal grandsire Waps PilatusHH and many other notable JG Waps.  White sclera.  2 white socks.  Exceptionally correct, long very straight legs with perfect angles.  Very refined, small, beautiful head and beautifully curled in ears like all the foals from our stallion to our JG mares.  Strongly built, with arched neck, excellent shoulder and beautifully proportioned.  A tall 44”  / 111.76cm at birth.  Up  and drinking within 15 minutes .

He is a gentle, well-mannered colt with a LOT of presence.  Very reminiscent of Many Moons as a youngster. Very leggy, and Many Moons has stamped him with his extreme athleticism  and grace.  Already showing the typical Many Moons’ extended walk and beautiful trot, able to turn on a tickey, do sliding stops and look as graceful as a gazelle whilst doing so.  We expect him to excel in dressage, eventing or showjumping. Temperament-wise he is very friendly, easy to work with and seems unflappable when faced with new situations.
Mia is a great mother who always produces well-adjusted, lovely natured foals. He is now a gelding, and is for sale as a supreme sport horse prospect.  He will excel in any of the Olympic disciplines. 
Huracán produced a SENSATIONAL 2018 filly ‘LEOPARD ROCK Miura’, showing that superior breeding and bloodlines are inherent in Leopard Rock horses. 

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Huracán, follow us on Facebook .    Pedigree

Email for more information on Huracán please phone us.

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‘There is no substitute for Quality’

10 days old